Putton Mill Fitness Centre

The gym was established in 2002 to provide an up-to-date training facility for the local community. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game with our training systems and knowledge, and we have created an environment which allows us to cater for many different training needs, from weight loss and general fitness, to physical preparation for sport.


We have a broad range of equipment spread across two rooms to appeal to a wide variety of gym users. In the cardio room you will find 3 treadmills, 2 recumbent bikes, 3 upright bikes,  4 cross-trainers and 2 rowers, allowing you to improve your cardiovascular fitness without ever getting bored. In the weights room we have a range of resistance machines, 3 squat racks,  2 lifting platforms and dumbbells from 1-50kg to appeal to casual exercisers and serious weight trainers alike.

Training Programmes

If you truly want results in the gym then it is important to work to a plan, yet many people leave their results to chance or put their faith in the latest programme from a fitness magazine. Others make the mistake of following the same programme long after it has stopped delivering progress.

All gym members are entitled to our free 6-month beginner's programme. At your first session we will show you the initial block of exercises and explain how to progress through the programme. Don't worry if you don't pick everything up first time – you can meet with us any time for a reminder! We will then meet with you every 4-5 weeks to show you through the next block.

If you want to take your training more seriously we recommend an individualised programme which is specifically tailored to your goals and needs. These are charged at £50 for a 12-week block which includes an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Gym Personnel


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