Coaching Services

Whether you are training to improve your health, fitness, physique, or sports performance it is important to get expert advice. A fitness coach can provide the extra knowledge you need to achieve your training goals much more quickly.


The traditional view of a personal trainer is now outdated. Coaching is much more than simply pushing you to perform a few extra repetitions on the bench press or run faster on the treadmill. Our eye for detail ensures you get the maximum benefit from every exercise, and we make sure you follow an appropriate training programme and progress at the optimal rate. Consistency trumps intensity when it comes to training, and we provide the accountability you need to keep showing up long enough to achieve your goals.

Why choose us?

Although we coach people from many different backgrounds and with a variety of goals, we specialise in two particular areas: Weight Loss, and Physical Preparation for Sport. There is no substitute for experience, and we have built a huge amount of knowledge in these areas over the last 17 years.

Weight Loss

Successful and lasting weight loss requires an integrated approach: a sound nutrition plan combined with an effective training programme. We provide both at Putton Mill and have helped many clients achieve their weight loss goals over the years.

Physical Preparation for Sport

"Giving you the edge when you want to be the best."

While improving the specific skills for your sport is the most important element in your training regime, improved strength, power, speed and movement quality can be the difference between winning and losing. This is true whether you are performing at the elite level or playing sport socially.

Elements such as Olympic lifting, plyometrics and strength training are now well established as key components of sport preparation, and we work with a number of young athletes who are aiming for the top in their chosen sport.

The majority of recreational athletes tend to concentrate solely on their sport and often do not realise the value in this type of training. This seems to be especially true in popular sports such as running, cycling, football and golf but a properly designed training programme has the capacity to improve performance and reduce injury risk in any sport.


To take your training to the next level and achieve your health, fitness, physique and performance goals the vast majority of people will require expert input. This could come in the form of one-to-one personal training where you receive the undivided attention of your trainer who provides input on matters such as exercise selection, technique, intensity, programming and nutrition. Others prefer a class environment as they feel they work harder in a group and enjoy the social element, but the downside is that the instructor has very limited opportunity to give individual feedback when working with a large class.

Semi-Private Training combines the benefits of both to provide you with a personalised progressive training programme, high levels of individual attention and a fun and highly motivating atmosphere which is created when a group of people are working hard towards a common goal.

The cost of Private Training can also be prohibitive for many, and Semi-Private Training is often a more affordable proposition.

Our Semi-Private sessions are restricted to four people as we believe this maximises the amount of individual attention each person gets while still creating the desired atmosphere.


Please visit the Nutrition Coaching page at for more details about nutrition coaching.

Please note that this can be delivered in a number of different ways to suit your timescale and budget. It is also available online as part of the Online Coaching package (see below) which allows us to coach you regardless of where you live.


Finding a coach in your local area who understands your unique requirements can sometimes be tricky. One of the benefits of the internet is that it is now possible to work with a coach anywhere in the world! Online Coaching also offers considerable savings over Private Training. If you are located too far from Putton Mill to train with us but would like to take advantage of the knowledge and experience we have built up over 17 years of coaching, please visit the Online Coaching page at to find out how we can work together to achieve your fitness goals.


If you want results in the gym then it is important to work to a plan, yet many people leave their results to chance or put their faith in the latest programme from a fitness magazine.

If you’re not ready for any of our coaching services but want to take your training more seriously, we recommend an individualised programme which is specifically tailored to your goals and needs. These are charged at £50 for a 16-week block which includes an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Please email if you would like to discuss any of our coaching services in more detail.